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Version 3.1.7 (via GitHub) - seppuku.jar

Client Changes:
- Heavily optimized the client in many ways
- Added an Alt Manager to the main menu
- Added a Particle System to main menu & hud editor

New Modules:
- Added AutoWither
- Added AutoTorch
- Added Burrow
- Added NoteBot

New HUD Components:
- Added Particles

Module Changes:
- CrystalAura: Many new options! (improved logic & damage calculation overall)
--- attackDelay: "The delay to attack crystals (ms)."
--- attackRadius: "The minimum range to attack crystals."
--- attackMaxDistance: "The max (block)distance an entity must be to the a crystal to begin attacking."
--- placeDelay: "The delay to place crystals (ms)."
--- placeRadius: "The radius in blocks around the player to process placing in."
--- placeMaxDistance: "The (max)distance an entity must be to the new crystal to begin placing."
--- placeLocalDistance: "The (max)distance away the entity must be from the local player to begin placing."
- AutoTotem: New values (crystals, checkScreen)
--- crystals: "Go back to crystals in offhand after health is replenished."
--- checkScreen: "Checks if a screen is not opened to begin (usually disabled)."
- ElytraFly: New values (stayAirborneDisable, stayAirborneDelay)
--- stayAirborneDisable: "Automatically disables StayAirborne when touching the ground."
--- stayAirborneDelay: "Automatically disables StayAirborne when touching the ground."
- ElytraFly: No longer auto-equips with chest or shulkerbox opened
- ElytraFly: Fixes AutoEquip when inventory is full
- Multitask: Adds BowDisable option
--- bowDisable: "Disables multi-tasking when holding a bow."
--- shieldDisable: "Disables multi-tasking when holding a shield."
- Multitask: Now works while steering boats! (eat or attack while driving a boat)
- NewChunks: Added height value also added lineWidth value
--- height: "Edit the height of the chunk visual."
--- lineWidth: "Edit the line width chunk visual."
- Commands: Added predictions value (WIP)
--- predictions: "Renders command predictions on the screen (WIP)."
- Keybinds: Adds new value (f3Toggle)
--- f3Toggle: "If enabled you will not toggle modules if you also press f3."
- Waypoints: Many many new values! Go check them out!
- Search: Entirely re-written and optimized
- Xray: Entirely re-written and optimized
- NoLag: Adds value for wither skulls, also adds new value for disabling liquids/fluids
- NoLag: Enabled particles value by default (big fps gains)
- Reach: Entirely re-written and added a vanilla bypass option (teleport) for any reach distance!
- BlockHighlight: Bug fixes
- Holes: Added color value
- Holes: Fix alpha if fade is disabled
- ChatFilter: Only filters on 2b2t & 9b9t
- Burrow: Add notification on enable if out of obsidian
- HudEditor: Add useful aliases ("clickgui", "gui", etc...)
- InfEnderChest: Reset ender chest on world change
- WallHack: Filtering bugs fixed
- WallHack: Added new aliases
- WallHack: Caches usernames for mob owners
- Chams: Filtering bugs fixed
- Chams: Adds color values for each entity type
- NoCrystal: Waits 1 second to NoCrystal after successfully eating a chorus fruit
- Phase: Temporary alternative method to addCollisionBoxes (noclip)
- AutoTorch: Fixed placing bugs

New Commands:
- Added .play

GUI Changes:
- Heavily updated UI backend code
- Added BlocksComponent (for values, check out xray and search in the gui!)
- Added ItemsComponent (for values)
- Colors: Added a color picker! (WIP)
- ModuleList: Support all types of child components
- OverView: Heavily optimized, has a new slider to change zoom!
- ResizableHudComponent: Fixed resize logic
- ResizableHudComponent: improve visibility of resize button
- SliderComponent: Works with resizing now
- SliderComponent: Bug fixes
- Adds gradients to scrolled lists in the Hud Editor

API Changes:
- Added GuiChatPatch
- Added BlockRendererDispatcherPatch
- Added EventRenderBlock
- Added EventUIValueChanged
- Added EventUIListValueChanged
- Added EventExtendPlayerReach
- Added EventPlayerReach
- Updated access transformer
- Removed all original Block patches (phase kinda broken rn)
- GuiSeppukuMainMenu: Fix alpha bugs
- ParticleSystem: Optimizations
- ParticleSystem: Add lines between particles
- Fixed bugs with main menu & particle system
- Updated readme
- Remove unused imports
- Make sub-command arrays final
- Chain append calls
- Fix wonky function namings
- Collapse identical catch blocks
- Makes many classes final that needed be

New: Modules
- Added Reach

Changes: Modules
- New task-based rotation system
-- RotationTask: Every module that previously set the player's rotation
-- will now be tasked with a priority. Currently it is using a 'smart' mode to
-- determine which modules take priority, but in the future we will have a hud
-- component to edit these priorities.

- VisualRange: Adds modes for output to chat or notification, or both.
- ElytraFly: Lowers autostart delay.
- ElytraFly: StayAirborne auto disables on touching ground (will be an option soon).
- Reach: Remove entity option until implemented.
- Holes: Fixes render bugs.
- NoCrystal: Update placeDelay value description.
- WallHack: Move hpMode to top of settings.
- WallHack: Move potionsMode to top of settings.
- AutoFarm: Adds rotate value.
- AutoMount: Bug fixes.
- NoAFK: Bug fixes.
- NewChunks: Default mode set to plane.

Changes: Hud Components
- Added SliderComponent
- Added CarouselComponent
- Updates resize bugs in Colors and Hub
- Add tooltips back to color values
- Fixes tooltip bugs
- Fixes hud configs
- Widen scrollbars
- Adds backspace holding to TextComponent & ColorComponent
- TrayComponent: Add a button for the 'Colors' component
- ToolTipComponent: Update looks
- ToolTipComponent: Fixed many bugs
- ModuleListComponent: Updated position of option gear
- ModuleListComponent: Fixed saving bug
- SliderComponent: Updated code formatting
- SliderComponent: Fixed bugs
- SliderComponent: Remove default super.render and replace with drag logic
- TextComponent: Backspacing logic moved to function
- TextComponent: Added CTRL-A & CTRL-V support
- CarouselComponent: Lowercase initial display value
- CarouselComponent: Proper capitalization
- NotificationsComponent: Fixes bounding box

New: Modules
- Added DonkeyAlert

New: Hud Components
- Added MovementGraph
- Added Colors

Changes: Modules
- WallHack: Added absorption hearts option
- Search: Bug fixes
- ElytraFly: CONTROL mode no longer makes you slowly fall (EventMove)
- ElytraFly: Adds new aliases
- ElytraFly: Removes outdated BYPASS mode
- NoBiomeColor: Renamed Color to "Custom Color"
- Chams: Added items
- Chams: Items not enabled by default
- DonkeyAlert: Fix timer reset bug
- StorageAlert: Remove position from notification
- StorageAlert: Use seppuku chat log instead of ingameGUI.getChatGUI
- StorageAlert: Optimizations & updates
- BlockHighlight: Fix color bug
- Nuker: Creative nuker mode now only allowed in creative

Changes: Hud Components
- EntityList: Removed position from chat info
- ModuleList: Option gear added to all module buttons (on hover)
- ModuleList: Changed 'Color' to 'List Color'
- ModuleList: Make scrolling faster
- ModuleList: Fixed bug with initial position
- ModuleList: Fixes resizing bugs
- ModuleList: Adds 'Enabled' button to all module settings
- ModuleList: Moves keybind to top of module settings
- MovementGraph: Update hover mechanics
- MovementGraph: Update mechanics
- MovementGraph: Update looks
- TpsGraph: remove Vec2f from TpsNode
- TpsGraph: Increase update limit
- TpsGraph: Optimizations

Changes: Client API
- HudComponent: Now has value saving
- Notification: Update speed
- CapeManager: Updated to use new automatic donation cape system
- Removed default description for Hud Components
- Scrolling made faster in all panels
- Tooltips render a bit slower
- Removed alpha from all HudEditor panels
- Stops resizing panels when over panel max width
- Value class now supports java.awt.Color
- Rewrote how any old color values were created (mainly modules)
- Heavily optimizes configs
- Project code reformat & optimized all imports
- Updated readme.md